Working with the dog at home – story time

Business dog using his computer in the office

Working with the dog at home – story time

The world is becoming more digital – and more and more people are able to work from home. These include employees, freelancers and many self-employed people. But developments around the coronavirus have also made it necessary for more people to work in the home office. If a dog belongs to the family, this can become a challenge. But well planned and with our ideas, a dog in the home office is a great enrichment. With the following tips, you and your four-legged friend can relax and get through the working day together!

Dog around good Start
You want to work from home with your dog? Let’s go-and let’s go outside! Because only a busy dog is a satisfied dog. Invest the time saved by the lack of commuting in an extensive walk. In summer, you can postpone the big round to the morning, so the walk will be shorter during the lunch break. Depending on your and the training condition of your four-legged friend, a jogging round is also an optimal kickstart for the office. Then there is a healthy breakfast for both. Fresh air and movement allow you to concentrate on your work, while your four-legged friend can doze in a relaxed way. Of course, this does not only apply to the home office, but can become a positive start to the morning for every human-dog team.

A comfortable place to sleep
As important as a good office chair for you is a firm and cozy place for your dog in the home office. Get him used to it, he quickly learns: “On this sleeping place, relaxation without the attention of my biped is called for.”A den or a lockable box provides the dog with a retreat. However, this is less important at home than for office dogs in companies. Pay attention to comfortable pillows or beds. If your four-legged friend tends to guard, a place in front of a patio door can encourage him to bark frequently. In this case, a slumber site in a strategically unimportant place is more suitable. However, your four-legged friend should not have to spend the entire working day there – let him wander around and choose other lying places if he feels like it. You need to concentrate especially, but it’s good if on command – for example, “Siesta” – he will remain quietly in place for up to half an hour. Remember to dissolve the command again.

Working with your dog at home: Is your study dog-safe?
Especially with puppies and very playful dogs: make sure that the dog can not bite anything dangerous in the study. These include the cables from the PC, printer and telephone – cable protection can help. Declare the area behind the PC a taboo zone from the start. There can also be dangers around the trash can. Office bins are usually open, but the dog snout quickly smells when something interesting lands in it. So keep an eye on the four-legged friend. In case he is inclined to inspect the trash can, do not throw anything swallowable into it. Caution also applies to dropped erasers, paper clips or rolls of adhesive tape.

Is a dog suitable for the Flexible Office?
More and more companies allow home office on one or two days, on the other days the employees can be found in the company. This flexible office concept is suitable for dog owners, if the dog can also be taken to the company office on the remaining days. Or if there is another care option – for example, visiting a dog daycare center. Dogs depend on social contact and should not regularly be alone for more than four or five hours. Even if you are allowed to take the dog to work or are currently working in the home office, consider: What alternatives are there for the fur nose if your professional situation changes?

Lunch break-off to the outside!
Working from home often means greater flexibility. You can make your lunch break flexible. If you were only outside for a short time in the morning, you should go on a longer exploration tour with your four-legged friend at noon at the latest. Happy who has a forest or park nearby. Also dog sports such as flyball or retrieving exercises complement the lunch break with dog perfectly. Thus, the fur nose is not only physically, but also mentally busy. If you have your own garden, you can also let off steam here.

5-Minute Workout
Most of those who work on the PC are familiar with small productivity lows. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar or watching funny dog videos, dog owners can make better use of their time in the home office: practice small tricks with your dog such as “giving paws” or “roll”. Your four-legged friend is not enthusiastic about tricks? Use the apartment for a quick snooping game. Or work with the dog on basic obedience, for example, “stay”, while throwing him a toy. As soon as you say “run,” he gets to bring it to you. There are many game ideas that involve training at the same time. Alternate exercises regularly.

Which toys fit into the home office with a dog?
Playing together is fun and strengthens the bond. But if you work from home, the dog must be able to occupy itself alone. Have a selection of intelligence and activity toys for dogs ready for this. Here are some possibilities:

Intelligence toys from which the dog catches dry food croquettes by pressing, pulling or skillfully “fumbling”
Sniffer rugs for ” nose dogs“
balls filled with dry food animate to run after, but make some noise
noiseless “Cuddly toys“
Make sure that your four-legged friend does not destroy toys and eats up individual parts of them. For chewing-enthusiastic dogs there are harmless chewing snacks.

Working with the dog at home: Chewing relaxed dogs in the office
Many dogs love to chew thoroughly. This meets your need to chew and at the same time calms down. Therefore, have a small supply of chewing articles at home, which you can give to your dog if necessary. In a few minutes, a video conference or a demanding telephone call starts? Give your dog something to chew on just before! The question of dried natural products such as rumen, or handgun, for example. Dried rawhide is available in many variations and with numerous extras and gives most dogs great chewing fun. Special dog bones or dental care snacks are also excellent. Make sure that your four-legged friend does not swallow large pieces whole. In “snare dogs” it helps to choose long or thick chewing articles and take them off the dog towards the end. A good alternative will be toys made of solid natural rubber, filled with delicious snacks or special dog pastes.

Resist the dachshund view
You work concentrated, the four-legged fixed you with ball in the mouth and dachshund look in the eyes? Clear message: “Play with me!”Those who give in now will be more often distracted from work. Even if it is difficult: send your dog back to his sleeping place. It is better if you determine the beginning and end of small game or training sessions. But plan them in a dog-friendly way, so that your four-legged friend is busy. You should also adjust the breaks for the small and large business according to the needs of your dog: young dogs are allowed to go outside briefly every one to two hours. Older people should have the opportunity to relieve themselves no later than after five hours.

We wish you a lot of fun in the home office with your dog!

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