How To Make Money With Shitcoins Crypto? PANGEA Ocean CleanUp – POC

PANGEA Ocean CleanUp – POC

PANGEA Ocean CleanUP . The only coin from a real Ecological Movement that, cleans the oceans and allows you to earn money over time.1000x Potential. Launching in less than 24 Hours. Aiming for MC 20m+ in the first few day

🔸 Our mission is to place 16,000 trash barriers in the most polluting rivers of the world and stop 80% of ocean pollution. We are the most funded cleaning project in KickStarter and Indiegogo..

We Raised a total of $450k USD from 8k backers! Kickstarter :

PANGEA Ocean CleanUp (POC) Price : $0.0000266359
Market Cap : $26,197,876
Launch date : May 9, 2021


Binance Smart Chain: 0x123f92226C626AdC919aD122d6cc3C20A6c25666

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