Hairstyle Trends 2021: The Trend Hairstyles of the Year

These brand new hairstyle trends await us in 2021.The hair color trends, the hottest haircuts-here we show all hair trends at a glance.

Hairstyles Trends 2021
Wow, what a great year this is going to be! 2021 is not only waiting for us with super cool fashion trends. Also among the hair trends are some looks that we are already looking forward to. Including the Shag Cut and the Choppy Cut. Also trendy: natural hair colors and gentle color gradients. We talked to La Biosthétique star hairstylist Alexander von Trentini and Eren Bektas, the hair expert from L’Oréal Paris, about the new hairstyle trends for 2021 and will be happy to tell you what you can look forward to.

The Choppy Cut

Character-accentuated and distinctive haircuts are fashionable in 2021. From hair color to cut – the hairstyle perfectly matches the type and emphasizes the personality. “Both the choppy cut and the shag cut are my trend favorites for 2021. The choppy cut is fringed with many steps cut. He embodies a rocking undone look. Jane Fonda wore the look as a bob back in the seventies, making a seductive, characterful statement. Today, for example, influencer Chiara Ferragni shows how to stylishly stage the choppy cut with longer hair, ” says hairstylist Trentini in an interview with For the trendy look you need extra support and volume in the hair. You get this by using a sculpting spray.

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