Best NFT Projects To Invest In 2022–2023

Crypto has assumed a place in the investment sector’s shifting gears, and NFTs, in particular, are on their way to becoming household names. In the current context, NFTs are becoming more popular and beneficial. The NFTs have enjoyed an unparalleled economic boom since their inception last year, namely in 2021.

In 2021, the entire global market revenue of the NFT sector was estimated to be over $41 billion. The upward trend is expected to continue in the next years, providing even more chances and growth for the industry’s investors and creators. The NFT world is adaptive and adapts with each of its use cases, allowing for additional growth in the sector’s streamlined, narrow divisions.

The NFT marketplace serves as the NFT projects’ online storefront. They differ based on the niche segment of the target audience they’re attempting to reach. Others have designated locations catering to a specific specialisation, while others have combined numerous sectors into one unified canopy of marketplaces. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular projects and their associated marketplaces for the years 2022 and beyond.

Top NFT projects to invest:

Perhaps one of the most unique NFT ventures to ever promote and effectively pioneer the concept of “punks” as a monetizable concept in the NFT sphere.

When cryptopunks were first presented to the world in 2017, they saw a meteoric rise. Over 10,000 punks with unique characteristics, including human, extraterrestrial, and zombie punks.

The cryptopunks were all the rage, and Larva Labs, one of the largest platforms that isn’t Opensea, was one of the first to bring them to market.

Unlike the other main projects housed at opensea, Larva Labs is an outlier.

Cryptopunk 7523 was the most popular cryptopunk at the time of writing this article. It sold for more than $11 million.


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