5 Upcoming NFT Projects In This Year 2022

There are some NFT projects that the owners have spearheaded and are now in the planning stages. As a result, they are in the process of being released. These initiatives are in the works and will be launched one day to help the team win.

The advances and characteristics of these upc the owners have done whose upcoming NFT initiatives separate them. More and more NFT initiatives are being launched, ensuring their value and demand in society. Go ahead and do something in this industry if you believe it can be a source of revenue for you. You can accomplish something if you put out some effort, as there are numerous possibilities available to you.

1. Universe in a Cube

NFT intends to establish a presence in this area. The topic of the NFTs is a tie-in to future games. There are a total of 25000 cubes in 10,000 packs. In addition, each group consists of 2 to 5 cubes. This platform will provide outstanding benefits to all users in order to satisfy them.

The average price per pack is 0.09 ETH.


https://ucube.io/ is the URL for the website.

Discord: A Cube-Sized Universe


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