(11 Ways) How to keep cats from pooping in flower beds

We all love our feline friends. They keep us company and even add some beauty and elegance to our houses. But there are probably some habits they develop over time that may be annoying to you.

One such habit would be hanging out in your flowerbed all day. And we both know they don’t just sit still there—what they perceive as playing translates to destroying the flowers. The question would be, why are they so attracted to your flowerbed? Or rather, what can you do to keep them out of those flower gardens?

In case you want to answer that, then you are in the right place.

We’ll give you some useful tips and hacks that may come in handy when it comes to keeping your felines off your beloved flowers.

11- Don’t Unintentionally Attract Cats

Believe it or not, you might be doing some things that are luring your cat or even your neighbor’s cat into your flowerbed. For instance, leaving any food remains in or around the area.

The scent alone is strong enough to attract your kitty. The presence of open trash cans could also be a reason why cats cannot leave your compound. You want to ensure that they are tightly closed throughout and nowhere near your garden.

Another suggestion is to clear the bushes around your house. While your cat may not be so attracted to them, the wild ones will always find some sort of shelter there. Mark you, cats have a tendency of forming habits. Those bushes might become their usual hiding spots.

10- Use Unattractive Scents

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to the use of scents. We have already looked at the first one. Nice scents could be a reason why cats are not willing to leave your flowerbeds. Those include scents from cat foods and other substances.

But how about you try it the other way round? This time, try using unattractive scents that they don’t like. For instance, just sprinkle some black pepper on your flowerbeds. Alternatively, try using some citrus peels. Cats avoid these scents whenever possible.

Some of these may need to be replaced several times. Scents that come from black pepper or cinnamon will obviously be washed away in the event of heavy rainfall.

You should remember to sprinkle more when things clear up.

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